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One Year and Counting: GDPR for the US-based Enterprise

If you are a global organization doing business in the European Union or if you employ European Union citizens, then the date May 25, 2018 should mean something to you. That is the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance deadline and it’s approaching quickly.

GDPR is a new regulation that protects the personal data of individuals within the EU. Even if your organization is headquartered or established in the United States (or anywhere else), you must comply with GDPR if you are collecting or processing personal data of EU citizens. This new legislation introduces many key requirements:

  Comprehensive access policies around personal data
  Much greater control for EU citizens over their own data
  Detailed notification requirements when data breaches occur
  The need for organizations to appoint “data protection officers”
  Hefty fines for organizations found in breach of GDPR

When it comes to security expectations around protecting customer data, GDPR is very clear. What isn’t quite as clear is exactly how you should go about securing the data. The road to compliance might be different for every organization, but the end result should include methods for reducing the security vulnerabilities and new ways to track and report personal data access and processing.

Attend this on-demand webinar to better understand the most significant requirements of GDPR and hear tips for mitigating risk as you prepare your compliance strategy. Learn how proper planning and policy enforcement can relieve the pain and cost of complying before the deadline.

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